How to mail order:

1.First, you look through our on-line catalogs (primary items) or inquire to us.

2.To order something, please write include all of the following:

Your Name
Your E-mail address
Your Address, including country of residence and postal code

Items that you would like to have

3.We will then reply by e-mail and give you a price quote and payment instructions.

We accept your payment by POSTAL money order (available at some countries) or cash, 
Cash payment (send to here by insured mail) from outside Japan acceptable on:
Japanese yen, US dollar, Euro, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds.

4.After your payment is received or confirmed, we will ship your order. 

Please mail here

Toshio Uchiyama, 130-35 Kawai-cho, Wakaba-ku, Chiba, 265-0062 Japan

Business hours: noon to midnight in weekdays.

Order form example:

Your name:
Your e-mail address:
Your shipping address:

 For example:
Juliette Rosier
18000  Purple Ave
Calgary AB T2S 1A3 

Please write the item number (if it is given), title, and quantity. 
 For example: 
 1. 258, Satsuki's destiny, Qty 1
 2. 830, Izumi's passion, Qty 1

Ship by:
1. SAL (economy air)
2. Priority air
3. EMS 

Payment by: 
1. international postal money order
2. cash on (Japanese yen, US dollars, Euro, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds.)

If you are ordering items that containing nudity, are you reached legal age of your country?
Yes / No



Shipping tips:

1: All prices in Japanese yen and not included postage and when if you quote cost of them, we will give you. Postage costs on our pages are subject to change at anytime without notice. There is no sales tax for international sales. 

2. Normally, we recommend via economy (SAL) air mail which is low-priority air mail. The SAL package is shipped when their room left on the plane after all the priority air mail pieces are on board.
The package weight is limited to 5 kilograms (2 kg in some countries). Usually, no more than 4 or 5 books can be shipped in one package via SAL. So if you order multiple books via SAL, they may arrive in multiple packages.
Other shipping methods (priority air mail or EMS Express Mail) can be arranged at extra cost. Postage rates for "printed matter" are applied to books and magazines. Orders WITHIN Japan are shipped by postal mail or private delivery service by Yamato Transport (available cash on delivery via Yamato).

Delivery times: All items are shipped from Japan. The time it takes for you to receive your order depends on merchandise availability, the payment method you use, the shipping method you choose, your location (country), and sometimes customs inspections. Most of the items in our on-line catalogues are immediately available. 

Paying by  a money order or cash instead (we acceptable yen or US dollar and other some others. you will have to wait at least 14 days until we receive your payment in the mail at our mailbox.

Our standard shipping method is economy (SAL; low-priority) air mail. It takes about 3 or 4 weeks (often sooner) for the package to arrive via SAL. If you're impatient, you may pay extra for priority air mail which takes about 1or 2 weeks for your order to arrive. And if it's urgent, you can request EMS Express Mail which takes 5 or 7 days.

So, assuming that you order a book which is readily available, you pay by credit card, and you use SAL air mail, it will take 17 to 21 days for your order to arrive. Use priority air mail and subtract 7 days. Or use EMS Express Mail and subtract 10 days to calculate the approximate delivery time. 

Priority air mail costs about two times more than SAL per package, and EMS Express Mail costs about 1500 to 2000 yen more than priority air.

Customs is the responsibility of the costomer. 

How to Order & Send Payment 

To place an order, Fill on a separate sheet of paper, please include the following (you can simply print out this form and fax it): 

Your Name 
Your E-mail address 
Your Address, including country of residence 
Your Phone Number 

This is VERY important. 
Please tell us specifically what you would like to purchase. 
(Click here for shipping rates) 
Please sign and date this sheet. 

We will reply to you by e-mail and confirm your order. You can then either confirm the order, or cancel it. This is a very important step. Once you confirm that order, there are absolutely no cancellations. 

please see the order form and it will then appear and fill in the required information. Payment is not required with this order form. Payment will be requested when we respond to your submitted order form. and we will information of shipping costs by e-mail. Price quotes are given at no charge with no obligation to buy anything.

After you send e-mail to us,  we will reply by e-mail within 72 hours (usually much sooner unless we're really busy) and give you a price quote for your order. 

Along with the price quote, we will send you payment instructions for your preferred method of payment. We will send the goods when we received money order, or cash, just follow our simple payment  instructions (provided with the price quote) and send it to us.

For orders from within Japan, you may pay transfer the amount to our Japanese bank account.

Detailed payment instructions will be sent by e-mail along with the price quote.

Our policies

If you order from us, you must agree to the following:

Ordering Acceptance Policy

To place an order, the customer must complete and send your order form by facsimile or regular e-mail. Although this order form does not require payment, submitting it indicates that the customer has a serious intent to make the purchase. The customer can cancel his/her order partially or completely anytime before sending payment. The customer can cancel the order automatically by not remitting payment within 1 week after submitting the order form.

We reserves the right to reject any orders from any customer. Orders for items banned or illegal in the customer's (or designated recipient's) country will not be shipped. Payment will not be requested or accepted for any orders rejected by us. (Materials containing nudity are banned in most Asian countries.)

If necessary, we shall contact the customer country's embassy or consulate in Japan to confirm whether or not an item is banned or illegal in the customer's country. We are not and will never knowingly sell pornographic materials nor illegal, stolen, or harmful goods.

Pricing Policy

The price quote to us gives to the customer is non-negotiable and will remain valid for 1 week. After 1 week, the price quote may change due to exchange rate fluctuations.

If payment is not remitted within this time, the price quote and the order will be canceled automatically except in the case when the customer gives us advance notice about a delay in payment. we will then hold the order, but the price quote may be subject to change. Nothing will be shipped to the customer until confirmation of payment is received.

Although the prices listed in the online catalogues are always current, they are subject to change without prior notice.

Bartering, trading, etc., instead of currency payment will not be accepted.

Payment Acceptance Policy

The payment options are POSTAL money order (payable to Toshio Uchiyama), cash (must use insured mail) and bank transfer (within Japan). Personal cheques will not be accepted. Payment shall be made to Toshio Uchiyama in accordance with the payment instructions given to the customer. Payment from within Japan may be transferred with Japanese bank account.

Although sending a large amount of cash is not recommended, it will be accepted if it arrives safely. Any cash or money order lost or stolen before reaching us is not responsible. You should using insured or registered mail. All payments will be acknowledged by e-mail upon receipt.

Order fulfillment policy

We shall fulfill the customer's order as soon as possible after confirming or receiving payment. It shall notify the customer of the date when the order will be shipped (in part or in whole). If there is a foreseeable or abnormal delay in shipping the order, we will notify the customer as soon as possible. If we cannot ship an order within 2 months after receiving payment, the customer will be notified and will have the option to receive a full refund for the unfulfilled order.

Most the items offered by our online mail order catalogues can be shipped immediately or within a few days. However, an item can be sold out, the customer will be notified and will have the following options: 1. Receive a full refund for the unfulfilled order or order an alternate item.

Special shipping requests (priority air mail, EMS Express Mail Service, etc.) as specified on the order form will be accepted whenever possible. The additional cost will be included in the price quote.

Everything our ships will be packed and sealed well enough to withstand normal handling and transit. However, we cannot be held liable for any product damage incurred by the postal or courier service during shipment.

The customer must bear any customs or import duties that apply in his/her country.

Returns & Refund Policy

Our goods are no money-back guarantee. Once payment is made to us, the sale will be final. Product returns and refund requests will be accepted only in the following cases are:

1. We shipped the wrong item due to its error. In this (highly unlikely) case, we shall pay for the return shipping cost. We shall also refund the applicable amount or ship the correct item by priority air mail (at no extra cost), whichever the customer prefers. A small gift will also be given to the customer to express regret and apologies for the error. We shipped a defective item. The same action described above for a wrong item shipped shall be taken. 

2.The customer mistakenly overpaid for his/her order. If the customer remits payment exceeding the required amount, we will ask the customer whether the extra money is a bonus (which will be gratefully accepted) or a mistake. If it's a mistake, we shall refund the extra money after deducting a surcharge or it will be credited to the customer's next purchase, whichever he/she prefers. 

Other Policies:

These policies are subject to change at anytime. Any major policy changes will be stated at the top of this section.

If you have any questions about the above policies, send e-mail to us.

Important Notices 

Privacy guaranteed: The credit card information, ordering and purchasing information, and all other personal information you provide for your order will never be sold, rented, or revealed to any party not involved in processing your order. Complete confidentiality will be maintained.